• Archivo 1984 is pleased to present Sam Feleo’s latest works in “132134” opening on SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 2016.

    We must never be afraid to go too far, for truth lies beyond.
    - Marcel Proust

    Different actualities are nestled in a persistent struggle against each other as they try to make everything come together. It’s much like life’s paradox of keeping everything altogether on the surface when things are actually constantly breaking apart. Tensions drawn from the every day aspect of life become a site brimming with discovery while at the same time a certain uncanny feeling of situating oneself in the realm of the otherwise.

    132134 altogether is about how Sam Feleo makes everything relate to each other while everything can be in itself. In equal parts, performative and autobiographical, Sam Feleo’s collages explore the unsettling and equally alluring realm of tensions in every day life in reference to her experiences both as an artist and an individual.

  • Feleo’s existential inquisitions become embodied through these different collages using different media to explore the material and immaterial states in line with these tensions she confronts through her art. Intermingling bodies pulling each other showing physical strain to the paradoxical states of the body in pleasure as seen through a mix of flowers to her anxiety with her own body explored in different parts from her hands to her feet manifests the unseen forces working beneath the surface. Through the fragments and the little details of these collages from their imperfect little details to their precise exploration of forms, Feleo altogether situates herself in these collages as she performs her life and situate us in this meticulously orchestrated waltz of ideas, experience, corporeality and the indistinct states that come along with it.

    - Gian Cruz