The 90s Kabaklaan Show

13 - 25 JANUARY 2024

  • When the COVID-19 lockdowns shut the world down in 2020, the Instagram account 90s Kabaklaan garnered a community around pure ‘90s nostalgia, immersing its followers in Pinoy pop culture-centric printed matter, music, film, and television from the era. It became something of a source of comfort for thousands of Filipinos—a means for them to revisit simpler, happier days of youth.

    At the time, Victor, the brains behind the online archive, was merely after preservation. “When I started the page, the goal was just to archive my vintage magazine collection,” he tells Vogue Philippines, “that was during the pandemic when everyone was at home, uncertain about the future. I didn’t expect this to last long.” 

    Today, the account has amassed over 100,000 followers, who are all keen to see its transition to “a whole new era,” Y2K. While the magic continues, a celebration is in order; for one day only at the Archivo 1984 Gallery in Makati, 90s Kabaklaan followers are called to fully indulge in the collection in person, celebrating the page’s end of documenting the decade. 

    Nothing has brought the 90s back in such a big, fabulous way as 90s Kabaklaan, the Instagram sensation that’s not only reintroduced today’s audiences to the unique flavor of the decade’s pop culture and lifestyle but made music, movies and images from that glorious era mirror present Filipino life. Who knew a little IG account can do all that?

    So as the page transitions to Y2K content, 90s Kabaklaan in collaboration with Archivo 1984 presents The 90s Kabaklaan Show — a one-day-only extravaganza of rare posters, photographs, videos and music from the era. Hang out with us on January 13, Saturday, at Archivo 1984, La Fuerza Compound, Makati City.

  • “The exhibit is like a nice way to wrap up the ‘The 90s Kabakalaan’ page, and it’s also an opportunity to marvel at Archivo 1984’s massive movie poster collection,” Victor says. “This is an exhibit more than a show, really, and it’s a celebration of ‘90s Pinoy pop culture through movies, music, and magazines. I hope that everyone will have a good time.” 

    This collaboration with Archivo 1984 makes a symbolic close to an era. In the thick of posting, Victor didn’t solely rely on his own collection but also on his followers, who regularly sent him pieces of their own collections as well—something he remembers fondly as he marks an end to this chapter of the page. “I’m still in disbelief at how I’ve managed to run this page on top of work, life, etc. But seeing everyone’s comments on the page’s content really makes me happy and inspires me to unearth more pop culture moments from the decade.” 

    As for the show, it’s something fans of his page simply can’t afford to miss. “It’s amazing to witness Archivo Gallery’s collection of movie posters,” Victor says. “More than anything, it’s our passion and love for the ‘90s and the local scene that brought this show together.”

    - Chelsea Sarabia, Vogue Philippines