2 JULY - 13 AUGUST 2016

  • Of Thresholds and Beyond

    A series of three photographs by Briccio Santos provide poetic visual arrest for this exhibition. In it is a young lady contemplating a sinister expanse with stoic figures looking on, their vision restrained by rags.

    We should recall the artist’s previous show, Mutations, with similar aphonic images on canvas, in the same vein that the installation Heritage Tunnel uses an illusional shaft to iterate an assembly of voiceless characters.

  • His drawings of whimsical creatures and festivals in flamboyant colour provide a supporting cast crucial to the stillness of his camerawork. Is the artist in a constant languish, lingering on the infinite vistas afforded by his many lens? This must be the threshold he crosses at each click of the shutter where there is no beyond.

    Being a film maker would perhaps explain why  Santos manipulates with ease various props and media into one body of work without losing a drop of lucid disquiet. An open envelope with an imaginary address suggests a forgotten location, a cautionary message (fragile) contemplates a cut in the storyboard—all are components of a sensible movie showing in loop.