27 JUNE - 16 JULY 2015

  • The launch of “Mutations”, an exhibition of paintings and installations by Filipino artist Briccio Santos, took place on 27 June 2015 at the Archivo 1984 Gallery in Makati City, Manila, Philippines. Briccio Santos, born in Manila, received most of his education and artistic training abroad, principally in Europe and the United States. His first painting exhibition was held in 1978 in Manila, and he continued to exhibit around Manila until the late ‘90s, when Santos moved to Paris. Santos lived in Paris for some years, during which time he exhibited at Galerie Duroc and Accatone. Santos’ work has been frequently exhibited in recent years. His most recent exhibitions have included: the sculptural installation “Heritage Tunnel”, which exhibited at Singapore Art Museum in 2010; “Viral Series”, a painting and photography exhibition held at White Wall Gallery in 2011; and “Numbers Revisited”, a photography, painting, and installation exhibition held at Manila Contemporary gallery in the same year. The “Mutations” exhibition featured over twenty paintings by Santos. These paintings, acrylic on canvas, feature abstract images that refer back to the title of the collection.

  • Santos explained his reasoning behind the title ‘Mutations’: “Sometimes artists experience a certain breakthrough in their creative process that allows them to experiment further.. The artist and their processes are ever-changing, always in flux.”