Reinterpreting Vic Delotavo's Posters For Philippine Cinema

15 MAY - 9 JUNE 2018

  • UP Vargas Museum and Archivo 1984 proudly present Reinterpreting Vic Delotavo’s Posters for Philippine Cinema, opening on May 15, 2018, Tuesday, 4 PM at the Jorge B. Vargas Museum’s 3/F landing.

    The exhibition is corollary to the museum’s ongoing survey show, “Vic Delotavo: Posters for Philippine Cinema”. Here, Dranreb Belleza, Valeria Cavestany, Carlos Celdran, Idan Cruz, Patrick Cruz, Robert Langenegger, Romeo Lee, Jayson Oliveria, Raul Rodriguez, Gerardo Tan, Jay Yao and Cecile Zamora reinterpret Vic Delotavo’s work by repurposing his sought-after compositions in the Archivo 1984 collection through their varying artistic styles.