Ron Davis

  • Ronald Lopez Davis II was based in San Francisco for most of his life wherein he completed a degree in business and a minor in Fine Arts at San Francisco State University. Prior to having solo exhibitions in San Francisco, his artistic practice progressed by being a member of the Centipede Project Art Cooperative (CPAC) for six years, an organization that had a weekly programming of art events. Davis started his artistic career as a photographer until decided to move on to paintings due to the fleeting nature of photographs, “You look at a photograph once, and it’s so easy to move on to the next photograph. But when you see a photograph of a painting, it’ll be entirely different when you see it in person.” For him painting is more emotionally satisfying which he explored in “Emotional Dissonance” his first exhibition in Manila.  “Art,” he said “was always my way of conveying my feelings.” “Light and Hues” is his first exhibition in over two years.