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50 Sagisag Arkitektura: Icons of Philippine Architecture

50 Sagisag Arkitektura: Icons of Philippine Architecture

Gerard Lico

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Icons embody collective values, elicit strong reactions, and exemplify the milieu of a particular time and place while bridging the gap between traditions and periods. Architectural icons also represent the technical knowledge, innovative spirit, and intellectual prowess of their individual designer in a tangible built form. This book features 50 Filipino architectural works rigorously chosen for their popularity and aesthetic reputation. These buildings are renowned for various reasons some for their architectural charm, others for historical significance, and some for a combination of both. Whatever is the designated function, formal composition, aesthetic medium and level of fame, icons serve as a link between the past and the present, the canonical and the contemporary, the monumental and the modest.

Published in 2018 by National Commission for Culture and the Arts

103 pages

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