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Anatomiya/Arkitektura: Morphology of Filipino Buildings

Anatomiya/Arkitektura: Morphology of Filipino Buildings

Gerard Lico

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To study a building is to dissect it into its constituent parts, analyzing each element in relation to one another, and how these elements are organized and brought together to make a whole functional structure. Aside from functional efficiency, the building elements are arranged according to specific organizing principles in coherence with the well-established language of style and conventions of building typology. Akin to anatomical dissection, the images of buildings represented in this book are cut like bodies, broken down to expose each part for analysis in order to probe and understand the typology of the given structure. The understanding of architecture, therefore, implicates that when one looks at a building, however complex this may be, one tries to decipher the relationship among its parts and how these elements integrate to generate a morphological arrangement that generates a distinct building type.

Published in 2018 by National Commission for Culture and the Arts

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