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Dolphy: Hindi Ko Ito Narating Mag-isa

Dolphy: Hindi Ko Ito Narating Mag-isa

Bibeth Orteza

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"This is an extraordinary memoir of an extraordinary man who has gifted generations of Filipinos with laughter, but whose own life has been a struggle to balance life and work, to meet the demands of family and fatherhood, to tame his prodigious passions. This story is told with searing candor and compassion, not only Dolphy himself but also by the many people whose lives he touched (and, in many instances, brought forth)– his women, his children, his friends, his colleagues. I haven't read a biography like this, ever, and the uncensored, unmediated first-person accounts strike home with a power and a poignancy you'd be hard put to find in any screen drama. There are moments of humor and irony as well, and all in all we gain a truly moving picture of a brilliant but complex man whom we feel like knowing, in many senses, for the firsttime." -Butch Dalisay

Published in 2008 by Kaizz Ventures

229 pages / Hardcover

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