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Elizabeth Ramsey: Queen of Philippine Rock n' Roll

Elizabeth Ramsey: Queen of Philippine Rock n' Roll

Sansu Ramsey

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"Ms. Elizabeth Ramsey's life experiences are meant to be shared as an inspiration to all generations highlighting how she overcame obstacles and came out the victor. She never revealed the full account of her personal life to her family members, her other children, friends, to the media or anyone but me. I am Sansu Ramsey, the third daughter of the late Ms. Elizabeth Ramsey. I was chosen by my mother to tell the story of her colorful life, and before her demise, I promised her that I would write a book about her. A month before her critical health condition, she asked me to finish the digital audio recording that we started and for more than five years talked about the events in her life. I'm so honored that my mother shared and trusted me with details of her personal life and her experiences in showbiz."

Published in 2018 by ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.

152 pages

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