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Filipino Artists in their Studios (Volume 2)

Filipino Artists in their Studios (Volume 2)

Pinggot Zulueta

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Filipino Artists in Their Studios is a book about artists who have been active in the Philippine art scene. The first volume of this book was published in 2015, and featured several known Filipino artists that include National Artists like Napoleon Abueva, Arturo Luz, BenCab, Jose Joya, and many other masters of Philippine art and their younger contemporaries. Jose Zulueta and the rest of Manila Bulletin continue to chronicle both artist and his hearth in his second volume which features another colorful constellation of equally respected artists, who have excelled and consistently proven themselves in their art practice. This book gives us a precious, momentary glimpse in the life and struggles of the artist. For behind every finished canvas, drawing, sculpture, or installation lies a laboratory proliferated with a great many ideas, both raw and refined, and its countless physical manifestations. -Nestor Olarte Vinluan, artist and art educator.

Published in 2018 by Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation

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