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Manansala Nudes

Manansala Nudes

Rod. Paras-Perez

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Since forty three years ago i have been drawing and up to now I still am. Why? because I know that drawing is the most important weapon a painter must possess. Without it he is at a loss. And any painter could only achieve such a treasure by practicing one or two hours or more every day.

When a painter begins to imagine a certain symbol or thought to be expressed in visible and tangible material form, he starts to draw in order to materialize his thoughts. Now how can a painter be able to accomplish these if his hands cannot follow what his mind or feeling dictates? How? The painter's hand then must follow him. His hands must serve as his slaves. Then you have something there. Now that is only the beginning. And I repeat, only the beginning. An introduction to fine painting. And the rest — only heaven knows.

Don't think this is the only thing a painter needs. There are more things for him to learn and study and just as important as learning how to draw is working hard. Very hard.

Published in 1989 by Eugenio Lopez Foundation, Inc.

148 pages

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