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Recreamindoism Rena

Recreamindoism Rena

Atanacio Penaranda Austria

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Recreamindoism Rena, referred to as the essence of the mind, heart and spirit and formed carefully from coined syllables and acronyms is a unique art-inspired philosophy of ten logically integrated principles. It is eloquently described in twelve chapters of this book, which also discusses the physical as well as the moral viewpoints of Creation - what life is all about, its purpose and its absolute best quality. It proposes to understand life at its best and to supplement the development of one's natural gift.

The book focuses on the word "eclecticism" — meaning to choose — explaining the Art's symbolic representation of "optional freedom." In a broad sense, the book aims lo offer encouragement, enhancement and service and shares the philosophy's attributes as it expresses deep concern for the environment, world peace and the economy...and man's great desire for abundance.

It reflects artistic passion and natural flexibility and reveals a deep insight into the author's innate character as he imparts his experiences, knowledge and understanding of humanity. He shares unselfishly his bestowed gift (which he believes is in every man). Sharing it is, in the purest sense, his "act of invocation" and gratitude to the Life-giver.

Published in 1999 by Mariello's Publishing

203 pages / Hardcover

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