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The Philippines A Journey Through the Archipelago

The Philippines A Journey Through the Archipelago

Jonathan Best, James Hamilton-Paterson, Rodrigo D. Perez III, Alejandro R. Roces

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It is impossible to speak on behalf of the peoples of the Philippines –– there are too many voices to be heard at one –– but perhaps it is possible to glimpse moments of their lives through photography, split seconds made still, saved, stopped forever in time...

Thirty-five photographers from all over the world set out to discover the Philippines in just seven days in October 1995. The 400 photographs in this book are the finest of the 90,000 pictures taken and they reveal a complex and multi-faceted Philippine landscape.

Published in 1996 by Archipelago Press (imprint of Editions Didier Millet)

255 pages / Hardcover

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