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The Philippines Rediscovered II

The Philippines Rediscovered II

Stuart Naval Dee

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Born and raised as a child in the Philippines before immigrating to Canada, the photographer returns after many years and has a unique perspective on the country. For this complete update to the classic first volume, he returned many times over a span of a dozen years to document his impressions, from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi. From the bustling capital to remote, untouched wilderness areas, he created a more personal, intimate portrait of the country--not the typical tourist-oriented book. He captures the stunning beauty of the landscape and the quiet, simple beauty of everyday life.

Growing up as a child in the country, he retains a natural affinity for the people, the country and its culture. Due to his decades-long absence, he also acquired a foreigner’s fascination and curiosity. Together, these give him a unique perspective. Through his fresh vision, Filipinos and others rediscover the Philippines.

Published in 2018 by MMXVIII Stuart Naval Dee

224 pages / Hardcover

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